Volkswagen ID.4 Electric Vehicle Test Drive

“We do have reservations for the Tesla Cyber Truck and the Tesla Model Y but we are gonna cancel the Model Y for this car – it’s just a better car for the price!” – Nancy

“I would definitely recommend the car, definitely. It has all the features you want from an extremely luxurious car without having to pay a million dollars for it!” – Brittany

“This is the complete package, it’s a perfect size, a ton of interior space, speed, acceleration, you have it it’s the complete package” – Mark

“I would absolutely recommend to them to go test drive the ID.4 electric vehicle if they were looking for an SUV, there is no downside for someone to go test drive it!” – Laureen

Check Out the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 Electric Vehicle

The VW ID.4 electric vehicle is an all-electric SUV that provides all of the comfort, utility, and performance that you desire. With the ID.4 electric vehicle, VW has created one of the first electric vehicles (EVs) that drives like a normal car. The sleek exterior lines do not look out of place alongside other VW models, and inside, you will find a modern and luxurious interior that has everything right where you expect it to be. And with five comfortable seats and over 64 cubic feet of cargo space, this SUV is ready for the whole family. Once you get behind the wheel of the ID.4 electric vehicle, you will realize that the only thing that is missing is the sound of an engine. But that just means a quieter and more comfortable cabin as you enjoy over 200 horsepower from the electric motor.

As you get adjusted to living with the ID.4 electric vehicle, you will discover the freedom that only an electric vehicle can offer. You will never again need to leave early to hit the gas station on the way to work, and worrying about visiting the mechanic for an oil change will become a thing of the past. Simply plug your electric SUV in when you get home at night, and you will have 250 miles of driving range waiting for you when you wake up. If you are planning a longer road trip, the ID.4 electric vehicle will find you charging stations along the way and display them on the 12-inch central touchscreen. Just 10 minutes at a fast charger, and you will have another 60 miles of range. And, thanks to VW’s partnership with Electrify America, you won’t have to pay for public charging for three years after you buy an ID.4 electric vehicle. Electric vehicles are the future, and VW is leading the way.

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A blue 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 is on a test drive on a winding mountain road.
A blue Volkswagen ID.4 is shown from the rear driving toward a lake.