2023 Volkswagen ID.4 Pro

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  • Overview

    A white 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 Pro is angled left.

    The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is here, and the good news is that it's nothing to be afraid of—especially here in the Seattle area, where it's easy to find a charging station anytime you need one. That being said, it's still important that you choose the right model that delivers impressive performance and a fun driving experience at a price that fits your budget.

    The 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 Pro is one of the sleekest and most joyful EVs on the market, giving you a small crossover that you'll look forward to driving every day. Although there are several different trims available for the ID.4, we'd like to focus on the Pro trim and all that it has to offer.

    For starters, what sets the Pro model apart from the starting trim is that the ID.4 Pro comes with an improved battery system for better total range. While the standard ID.4 comes with a 62-kWh battery, the Pro features an 82-kWh battery that gets an estimated 275 miles of range from a full charge.

    The standard Pro model features a single motor for rear-wheel drive (RWD) performance, while an available AWD Pro model comes with a pair of motors for electric all-wheel drive (eAWD) that boosts power even further. No matter which ID.4 Pro you choose, you'll love hitting the road each day, though the AWD Pro certainly takes performance to the next level.

    Inside the ID.4 Pro, you will find a spacious and comfortable interior with great features like six-way adjustable front seats, advanced keyless entry with proximity unlocking, and Climatronic dual-zone automatic climate control. You get heated front seats and a Volkswagen ID.Cockpit digital instrument display that keeps you informed, along with a gorgeous 12.0-inch infotainment screen with built-in navigation and much more.

    Perhaps best of all, the ID.4 Pro also comes with a fantastic selection of advanced safety features, including Front Assist—for forward collision alerts and automatic emergency braking—and Emergency Assist, which will stop your vehicle if you're unable. Other advanced technology like Adaptive Cruise Control, the Active Blind Spot Monitor, and even automated Park Assist Plus are also standard on the ID.4 Pro.


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    $43,995 [a]

  • Performance

    A dark blue 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 Pro is shown driving on a city street.

    Performance and driving distance matter for any vehicle—just consider how heavily car companies compete for the best gas mileage possible. With an EV like the Volkswagen ID.4 Pro, you are looking for the quality of performance its battery and motor system can deliver, along with how far you can go from a full charge. The battery system on the Pro model is superior to what is offered on the standard ID.4, making it one of the best options out there for EV performance.

    The ID.4 Standard and S models come with a 62-kWh battery, which offers great overall performance and about 209 miles of total estimated range from a full charge. With the ID.4 Pro, on the other hand, you get a fantastic 82-kWh battery that provides you with up to 275 miles of range from a full charge. This is one of the biggest differences between the Standard and Pro models and the main reason we suggest this to many of our customers. If you tend to only take short trips, then this difference might not matter; but if you want to be able to go on long road trips, then the added range is going to make your life a lot easier.

    In terms of all-electric performance with the Volkswagen ID.4 Pro, it depends on which of the two Pro models you choose. The ID.4 Pro comes with a single motor on the rear axle, which delivers 201 hp and a terrific RWD experience. If you choose the ID.4 AWD Pro, on the other hand, then you get a vehicle with a pair of motors, one on each axle, for eAWD performance and 295 hp. You get the 82-kWh battery on either Pro model, so it really comes down to the kind of drive you prefer; for dealing with rough weather here in Auburn and around Seattle, we would pick the AWD Pro for added traction and power, but you cannot go wrong with either.

  • Interior

    The moonroof and infotainment screen is shown in a 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 Pro.

    The last thing you want when you choose a vehicle is to get something that's missing features you want and end up regretting it later. Some of the most common things people wish they had are comfort and tech features. Fortunately, this is not a major concern here since the Volkswagen ID.4 Pro has fantastic features throughout its cabin. Whether you are more focused on comfort or advanced technology, VW has you covered with a terrific vehicle you'll look forward to driving each day.

    The ID.4 Pro comes with six-way adjustable front seats, along with Climatronic dual-zone automatic climate control to ensure everyone inside is comfortable, plus cloth seating surfaces with leatherette bolsters for added comfort and a touch of luxury. You get heated front seats in the ID.4 Pro, which are perfect for the cold winter months around here, plus a 60/40 split fold-flat rear bench seat that is comfortable and easy to adjust for added cargo space inside.

    If you go with the AWD Pro model, then it comes with a heated windshield, which is nice for clearing off snow and frost, and you can choose gray cloth seating with either Stone (black) or Nutmeg (brown) leatherette details and matching stitching for an added touch of sophistication.

    You get advanced keyless access with proximity unlocking on the ID.4 Pro, which makes it easy to get in and hit the road, plus an auto-dimming rearview mirror inside. Multi-color adjustable ambient lighting lets you create the kind of environment you want, while the Volkswagen ID.Cockpit digital instrument panel gives you the information you need with a customizable display. You also get a 12.0-inch infotainment screen with built-in navigation in the ID.4 Pro, plus a wireless charging pad to help you keep your devices charged while you're on the road.

  • Safety

    It doesn't matter what kind of vehicle you're interested in; nothing is more important than how well it can keep you safe. Choosing an AWD Pro model can help with this, thanks to impressive traction that keeps you in control, but every ID.4 Pro comes with an advanced suite of safety technology for you to enjoy. These features are much more than nice little tech options to brag to your friends about—they can quite literally save your life.

    For starters, every ID.4 Pro comes with Adaptive Cruise Control, which lets you set a speed, and your vehicle will adjust automatically to adapt to the flow of traffic around you while maintaining that speed whenever possible. You also get a Front Assist system in the ID.4 Pro, which includes a forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking. This system can alert you to a potential crash and apply the brakes for you automatically or enhance braking power to assist you with stopping.

    You get an Active Blind Spot Monitor on the Volkswagen ID.4 Pro that assists you with vehicles hiding alongside you, as well as a Rear Traffic Alert to warn you when someone is passing behind your vehicle while you are in reverse. A Dynamic Road Sign Display system helps you spot road signs that you might otherwise miss, while Light Assist can automatically control your high beams to come on in darkness and switch off to avoid blinding oncoming traffic.

    You even get a Park Assist Plus system with Memory Parking that can detect suitable parking spots for the ID.4 and maneuver into or out of parallel parking situations for you. These systems not only protect you and your loved ones but also make your daily routine even easier.

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