2023 Volkswagen Golf GTI

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  • Overview

    A silver 2023 Volkswagen Golf GTI Autobahn is angled left.'

    In the past, performance cars were a luxury only available to those able and willing to pay top dollar. But what if everyone could enjoy that same level of speed and thrills? Imagine an affordable car with enough power for everyday life but can turn up the heat when necessary—efficient and practical, yet lively.

    Volkswagen started a revolution in the '70s when they launched their original Golf GTI, changing small family cars forever and allowing endless fun behind the wheel. Forty years from its inception, we see that idea manifested even more powerfully than before with the 2023 Volkswagen Golf GTI.

    The new Golf GTI is here and will surely be one of the most sought-after cars on the market. Thanks to its powerful engine, sleek design, and cutting-edge technology, the 2023 Volkswagen Golf GTI is a dream car for many drivers. This iconic performance hatchback has many features that make it stand out from other vehicles in its segment. From its superior handling and powertrain to its all-wheel drive capabilities and improved infotainment system, this vehicle will deliver a fantastic driving experience unlike anything else currently on the market.


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  • Performance

    A red 2023 Volkswagen Golf GTI 40th Anniversary Edition is shown from the rear driving on an open road.

    With its iconic design and race-worthy performance, the Volkswagen GTI has been a classic favorite for generations of drivers. Starting from the original lightweight model that sparked an entire revolution in hot hatches to modern-day versions with German engineering excellence, no matter what decade you're talking about, there's something special about the performance capabilities of this beloved car.

    What Type of Horsepower Can You Expect From the Golf GTI?

    The 2023 GTI is an exhilarating ride, armed with a powerful 2.0L turbocharged engine featuring 241 hp and an impressive 273 lb-ft of torque. Drivers can choose their preferred gearbox between the base six-speed manual or the available seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Both versions are equipped with standard limited-slip differentials and front-wheel drive traction for that extra punch.

    The GTI is an absolute powerhouse. With the electronic limited-slip differential to keep things running smoothly, the automatic transmission rockets you up to 60 mph in nearly five seconds flat. If you prefer the Golf GTI with its standard manual transmission, the same acceleration will take only a second more. Regardless of how you like your gearbox, this VW—with a top speed of 155 mph—will surely make your heart race.

    What Does It Feel Like to Drive the Golf GTI?

    The new GTI has put the pedal to the metal and ramped its performance up a gear. A revised suspension, electronically-controlled limited-slip differential, and brake-based torque vectoring have combined forces to create an adrenaline rush on winding roads and high-speed circuits, delivering sharp responses with just enough firmness in its ride quality. Step on the brakes of a 2023 Golf GTI, and you'd be hard-pressed to find more confident stopping power. The brakes bring this spirited ride from 70 mph to a halt in just 151 ft.

    How Fuel-Efficient Is the Golf GTI?

    The automatic transmission of the GTI takes the efficiency game to a new level, achieving an EPA-estimated 24 MPG in the city and 34 MPG on the highway, and 23 MPG in the city and 32 MPG on the highway when driving the manual 6-speed.[a] This fuel economy makes the Golf GTI ideal for those who want to experience exhilarating performance without paying much for fuel. With a lightweight body, reliable German engineering, and excellent fuel economy, the Volkswagen Golf GTI is one of the most versatile vehicles on the market today.

  • Interior

    The interior of the 2023 Volkswagen Golf GTI shows the steering wheel and dashboard.

    Automotive design has moved beyond exterior looks and into the interior, inspired by a combination of new technologies and evolving mobility models. The inside is now becoming as emotionally important to car shoppers as the outside—although drivetrain power, driving dynamics, and fuel efficiency still play critical roles in purchase decisions. Customers no longer expect the benefits to stop with the exterior of a vehicle; they have come to expect a comfortable, enjoyable experience inside the car as well.

    Convenience Features for Drivers and Passengers

    The Golf GTI offers an unrivaled cabin experience with its modern Piano Black housing surrounding the gauge and infotainment display. You can enjoy a unique drive featuring the VW gear selector and shifter with either manual or DSG transmission. The Golf GTI SE has many luxurious features that make the driving experience far more comfortable and enjoyable, such as ventilated seats and a high-quality Harman Kardon sound system.

    Additionally, state-of-the-art safety systems include Emergency Assist automatic braking and Lane Assist, powered by IQ.DRIVE, ensuring maximum security while behind the wheel. This stellar hatchback seats five passengers with plenty of room to spare for cargo—19.9 cu.ft. for that matter—if not the full 34.5 cu.ft. when the back seat is folded down. The GTI keeps expanding in size and capability, adding an extra inch of overall length to the wheelbase for increased roominess up front and in the trunk. It's now easier than ever to see what lies ahead, too, with a lower cowl that maximizes visibility of the road.

    What Features Come With the Golf GTI Trims?

    The Golf GTI S

    The vehicle has an array of modern amenities, from rain-sensing wipers and a 10.25-inch driver info display to 18-inch alloy wheels and LED lights for exterior dazzle. Heated elements like the outboard mirrors, front sport seats, and washer nozzles provide added comfort on chilly days, while four USB ports make recharging easy. You can choose your favorite interior lighting hue via its multi-color adjustable ambient light feature. Other noteworthy features include a leather steering wheel and Bluetooth connectivity through an 8.25" touchscreen infotainment system powered by a seven-speaker system.

    The Golf GTI 40th Anniversary Edition

    Volkswagen is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its iconic GTI model with a limited-edition version that will be available in 2023. Just 1,500 lucky drivers can experience this powerful performance car—half with a manual transmission and half with an automatic gearbox. This special edition boasts distinctive "40" decals on its side sills and dynamic features like summer tires, adaptive suspension damping, and speed-sensitive power steering for an unbeatable driving experience.

    The Golf GTI SE

    The SE arrives with all the bells and whistles. Cruise at ease knowing you have a power panoramic sunroof, proximity keyless entry, ten-inch touchscreen navigation system, plus access to satellite radio on an immersive nine-speaker Harman Kardon premium audio setup. It's the perfect setup for those long trips. An optional Leather Package includes leather seating surfaces, a fully adjustable driver's seat, and ventilated front seats.

    The Golf GTI Autobahn

    Upgrading to the Autobahn edition of this GTI brings a slew of impressive hardware options, starting with 19" alloy wheels and an adaptive damping suspension for enhanced control. Enjoy luxurious trip amenities like three-zone climate control, heated rear seats, and high-beam assist, all accessible from your driver's seat heads-up display. This trim also offers Park Assist with Park Distance Control, which will tightly guide you into any spot while still leaving you in command of brakes and acceleration.

  • Safety

    A grey 2023 Volkswagen Golf GTI is shown parked in front of a brick wall.

    Standard Safety & Driver-Assistance Features

    The GTI offers an array of advanced driver-assistance technology with cutting-edge VW IQ.Drive system available for all trim levels. You'll have access to features like emergency braking and lane keeping assist at your fingertips, plus the bonus Emergency Assist feature, which can bring your ride to a safe stop when needed, so you can take comfort in knowing that even if something goes amiss on the road ahead, help is just a button away. Traffic Sign recognition is also standard on the SE trim.

    What Is Included in the Volkswagen IQ.DRIVE Safety Program?

    Are you looking for a travel companion to make your journey smoother and safer? IQ.DRIVE is ready to hit the road with you, from urban jaunts to cross-country cruises. With its advanced navigation capabilities, this innovative driving assistance technology will get you where you need to go securely and stress-free.

    The IQ.DRIVE bundle comes equipped with the Lane Assist lane-keeping and Travel Assist centering systems to help keep you on the right path, Front Assist automatic emergency braking in case something unexpected happens, and Active Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Traffic Alert cross-traffic monitoring, so no car gets away unseen. Additional features include parking sensors standard across trim levels. Adaptive high beams that put night driving into a different perspective are exclusive to the Autobahn trim.

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