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Buying your next car can be quite a task. You’ve got to research what you want, and look up reviews on vehicles to see how they are rated, then you’ve got to figure out financing and budgets, and then you’ve got to go find the car you’ve selected, and then…well, you get the point. It’s a lot. If you’ve been driving from place to place, looking for a Seattle used car dealership you can find, we encourage you to come to Bud Clary Auburn Volkswagen. We pride ourselves on making the car buying process as easy as possible for our customers. Used car shopping can be a lot, but we have put a lot of effort into making it simpler for you so that you can enjoy the process and still get a great car. Your next used car could be waiting for you here at our lot, so why not come check it out?

A black 2020 Volkswagen GTI is shown from the front while it drives down a city street after leaving a Seattle used car dealership.

Why Bud Clary Auburn Volkswagen?

We know there are a lot of options when it comes to where you buy your next car. However, when you buy from Bud Clary Auburn Volkswagen, you not only get yourself a great new car, but you’re giving back to the community. We have made a lot of efforts to give back to Seattle through various different events and charity initiatives. In an effort to support our men and women in blue and local restaurants, we paid for both police shifts to get a great meal. Eighty meals was a small cost to pay for the brave and selfless officers protecting our community.

Our police force isn’t the only public service workers that we appreciate, though. Through COVID-19, our healthcare workers have been called to go above and beyond, putting their own health and safety at risk. As a thank you to them, we offered to buy any and all of them a tank of gas during the month of April.

It’s not enough to thank our public service workers, though. There are countless many in need in Seattle, and COVID-19 saw to it that those numbers rose. After teaming up with a few other organizations, we were able to donate and deliver meals and necessities to over 30 individuals!

Our positive impact doesn’t stop there. We also have supported three different non-profit organizations. With some help, we were able to donate 15,000 pounds of food to the Auburn Food Bank. We also managed to get over 1,000 meals to the Tacoma Rescue Mission. We’ve made a stand against abuse by supporting Olive Crest, and we tried to find the cure for cancer by participating in the Relay for Life events.

Kids are one of the most important parts of our community. So, we helped give kids a Christmas when we participated in the Santa's Castle Annual event. Kids need to feel safe and loved at school, so we’ve sponsored KidCo, which gives schools free assemblies to help teach kids how to be good friends and handle bullies! We’ve also helped with the Auburn Young Life scholarships to help show kids the potential they hold and how they can make the world a better place.

Much like kids, animals are in need of additional love and support, so we made sure to get them taken care of, too. In 2017, in the month of January, for every VW Golf Alltrack driven, we donated $25 to the Tacoma Humane Society. We feel so humbled by these experiences and are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve others. It feels pretty amazing to know we are making a positive impact in our wonderful Seattle community. When you buy from us, you can feel confident in knowing that we are going above and beyond for the place we call home.

A grey 2021 Volkswagen Jetta GLI is shown from the front at an angle while driving down the road.

More Than Just VW Models

We know that when you go car shopping, you may have a specific manufacturer in mind. If it’s a Volkswagen you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered! If it’s not a VW you want, well, we’ve got you covered for that as well! The beauty of our lot is that we strive to have a make and model for every buyer. That means that we aren’t limited to just Volkswagen models. When it comes to used vehicles, we have a large variety to choose from!

We can fit a car to any driver. Whether you’re buying a car for your new teen driver, for yourself, your growing family, your golf trip, or your trip up the mountains, you can find what you need here. Since customer service is our primary concern, we strive to make sure we can meet your needs. This wide selection also means that we can fit a car into any budget. This saves you a lot of time, effort, and money because you’re not hopping from dealer to dealer hoping to find a good deal.

A blue 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan is shown from the rear while it drives down a dirt road.

One-Stop Shopping

Part of our mission is taking care of you through the car buying process. To us, that means making the whole process easier. We’ve made it easy to buy from us because we offer a huge selection of vehicles, but we didn’t stop there. No, we made it even easier by offering in-house financing options. In fact, we’ve even taken that process and made it even EASIER! We offer an online credit pre-approval application that is a total of eight questions, and our online financing application is just as simple. It really takes the heartache and headaches out of trying to plan and budget for a new vehicle.

Our in-house financing options are competitive with interest rates and loan terms. This means that you don’t need to shop for loan rates and drop your credit score by having it checked a whole bunch of times. You can come into Bud Clary Auburn Volkswagen and have just one check done and still feel sure that you’ve got the best loan possible. Another perk of our financing option is it’s all in one place. You can pick out your vehicle and get your financing done all in the same day, which means no more driving from the dealer to the bank, to the dealer, and back to the bank. We do everything we can so you don't have to worry.


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